Find out how fun and informative these workshops can be!


"The Importance of Music and Movement in Early Childhood Development" Lecture

Classroom music training for preschool and elementary school educators and caregivers.

Music is crucial in improving mental and physical development, and enhances critical skills like reading and math.

In this one hour lecture with one hour companion workshop, Steve Couch will discuss important developmental abilities like sequencing, spatial orientation, and appropriate learning behavior then demonstrate their application by performing selected songs from his children’s albums “The World is a Rainbow” and “Dinosaur Rhythms”.

You will be given handouts and web information on how to acquire the songs you need and learn how to use the power of music to help your classroom run more smoothly and teach more effectively.

Be prepared to sing, clap, and dance along while adding to your ability to engage and entertain your children while strengthening their mental, physical, and emotional health.




"Create a Video" Workshop

Teach your elementary school students how media is made!

We will work with your school's students to make a short TV show. Self-esteem is emphasized as the kids work together to make their own production company and perform as actors on TV.

Your school and each student will receive a DVD of the finished video.





"Create a Cartoon" Workshop

Have your students make cartoons!

Freedom of expression is promoted as we work with the sudents to create a cartoon, including the writing of dialogue, the drawing of different characters and adding their voice to those characters.

The workshop will start with a brief lesson on how animation is created, then on to the busy excitement!

Your school and each student will receive a DVD of the finished cartoon.






"Create a Song" Workshop

Excitement and musical ability are underscored as Steve directs the students to choose a musical theme, sing, and produce a song together. The children will gain a deeper understanding of how their favorite performers create the music that they hear everyday.

Your school and each student will receive a CD of the finished song.