Stop Think Choose

"Stop Think Choose" Character Education Songs

2011 Parents' Choice Award winner!

2012 Creative Child Magazine "Seal of Excellence" Award!

Stop Think Choose is a joyous celebration of ten positive character traits your 2 to 10 year old children need to succeed in school and life.

This album uses engaging melodies to teach 10 critical character traits like Empathy, Responsibility, Persistence, Impulse Control, Shyness, and more.

Think of Stop Think Choose as an album made of great advertising jingles that promote the good behaviors you want in to see in your kids!


The World is a Rainbow

The World is a Rainbow

Children's Music Web 2008 "Best Recording for Preschoolers" Award winner!

2009 Creative Child Magazine "Preferred Choice" Award winner!

The World is a Rainbow is a treasury of happy, healthy, original children's songs that promote good ethical behavior for children between the ages of 2 and 10.

The album combines energetic, dance-able melodies with lyrics that celebrate wholesome values like reading, friendship, exercise, and living a drug-free life. Kids call out colors, march and sing about reading, animal dance, experience the horrors of a messy room, and much more.

The World is a Rainbow is the perfect compliment to preschool and elementary school classes as well as a great soundtrack for the life of your children and you!


Dinosaur Rhythms

Dinosaur Rhythms

2009 Creative Child Magazine "Seal of Excellence" Award winner!

Dinosaur Rhythms is an album of entertaining original children's songs that are full of active melodies especially for children between the ages 2 to 10.

It showcases loving, funny, smart lyrics combined with rhythmic infectious music that will get your children singing and dancing.

Adventure into the slimy prehistoric swamps of the Jurassic Age. Learn to count from one to twenty in different languages. Meet the delightful characters that inhabit the aisles of Libraryland. Achieve your dreams by being hard-working and clever like the Liberated Princess.

Dinosaur Rhythms is the perfect gift of learning and listening for everyone in your family!


Be A School Superhero! CD

"Be A School Superhero!" Songs to Train Bullying Prevention

2015 Academics' Choice "Smart Media" Award winner!

The CD portion of the “Be a School Superhero” Bundle.

Filled with 11 inspiring themes for good behavior. Each song is very interactive and calls on students to repeat pledges, practice emotional states and join in with rousing choruses that help them to become powerful, responsible school citizens and to report bullying when they witness it.

Play the CD throughout your school day to give your students theme songs for empathy, compassion and good behavior. Use it to show how great it is to “Be a School Superhero!”