Be A School Superhero! DVD+CD Set

"Be A School Superhero!" Games and Songs to Train Bullying Prevention

2015 Academics' Choice Smart Media Award winner!

“Be a School Superhero” is designed to help school professionals train bullying prevention with 13 exciting, engaging animations.

Carefully created under the close supervision of school counselors, these songs and games will help you train your students to become Heroes of the Hallway and can be tailor-made to reinforce your own school’s unique procedures for reporting bullying.

Let each of your students learn to protect themselves and their school and “Be a School Superhero!”

See the "Say Your Grade" animation

See the "Empathy" animation

See the "Yee Haw!" animation

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Step Up Bully Prevention DVD

"STEP UP" Bully Prevention DVD

2014 Academics' Choice Smart Media Award winner!

The "STEP UP" Bully Prevention DVD was created under the close supervision of elementary school counselors and principals to show students how to recognize, defuse, and report bullying situations. It includes a complete compilation of Bully, Witness, and Target Counseling Modules, the Bully Prevention Drama, and three songs with .pdf files of the lyrics. Using student performers these videos and songs are valuable counseling tools for any elementary school!

See the Bully Prevention Drama

See the Bystander Counselor Module

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Stop, Think, Choose - Creative Character Education Book+CD Bundle

"Stop, Think, Choose" Creative Character Education Book + CD Bundle

2011 Parents' Choice "Approved" and 2012 Creative Child Magazine "Seal of Excellence" Awards winner!!

The "Stop, Think Choose" Creative Character Education Book and CD Bundle contains ten complete lessons in positive behaviors with the American School Counselor Association National Standards Checklist! Each module features a story, activities, and a song that helps teach good character traits like empathy, responsibility, impulse control, bullying prevention and more!

Download a sample module

Download the Table of Contents

Hear a sample song

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Create a School-specific Video Using Your Own Students!

Research shows that children observe and copy their older peers behavior.

So one of the best ways to influence children is to have the older ones accept and demonstrate the behavior you wish to promote.

Ethics4schools will work with you to create training using your school's special rules and needs. Your school-specific videos will use your own students to demonstrate the good behaviors you wish to promote.

There is nothing more effective to improve the behavior, safety and confidence of the students in your school!