If you are looking for exciting, high-quality entertainment for children aged 2 to 10, then Ethics4schools has the very best! Every show is engaging, happy, and fun! They are a highly interactive treat to the senses and a joy for your audience. Guaranteed to bring excellence to your very special event.

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Steve 'n TV's "Incredible Optical Illusions" Show

Seeing is NOT believing! Steve Couch and his computer animated friend, TV, have collected more than 50 of the most astonishing optical illusions ever created. There will be moving physical displays and video images that will astound and delight you.

You will learn how your eyes work and how the illusions trick you. You will play games to test your eyesight and hearing.

Family members of all ages – especially children from two to fifteen – will love Steve ‘n TV’s show about the many different types of mystifying and mind-boggling Optical Illusions!

Steve 'n TV's "Robot Dance Party" Show

Full size, animated robots BayBee, SpeeDee, DJ BotBot, and Dancin' Robot Bob all join Steve and his computer-animated pal, TV, in a hilarious fun-filled party for kids of all ages!

Robots will walk. Robots will talk.Robots will sing and dance and make your whole family smile in this Celebration of Imagination. There will be jokes, dancing, award-winning songs, and much more!

Family members of all ages – especially children from three to ten – will love ROBOT DANCE PARTY!

"Be a School Superhero" Bullying Prevention Show

Superhero Steve will perform at your elementary school assembly to train how to recognize different bullying behaviors, how and whom to report bullying and why it's important to stop it quickly.

The "Be a School Superhero" show is an upbeat, fun and highly interactive concert that uses award-winning songs, stories, magic, game shows and animation to engage and excite your student and help them learn they have a superhero's power to stop bullying!

This show is perfect for kick-off assemblies and special school events!


Steve 'n TV's "Your Amazing Body" Show

Steve and his computer-animated friend, TV, will take your children on a fun-filled adventure through the strangest and most wonderful place on earth – your own body!

See incredible Optical Illusions! Rock Out at Smellapalooza! Feel what hides in the Boxes of Mystery! Dance to the "Boney Pokey" and the "Brain Freeze"! And compete for the "Most Wonderful Organ in You" Pageant!

Every child can sing, dance, clap, yell and join in the hilarious fun while learning about their bones and organs and how to grow strong and smart.


Steve 'n TV's "Superheroes for Reading" Show

It starts out as "The Weather Show" to teach kids about rain, wind and the seasons but then Steve’s computer-animated pal, TV. becomes a SUPER VILLIAN to KEEP KIDS FROM READING!!

To foil TV’s fiendish plot to change the weather so kids will have to stay inside and just watch television, Steve and your children will have to become SUPER HEROES!

Everyone will sing, dance, laugh and learn how weather works in this wonderful family show!!


Steve 'n TV's "I Like to Read" Show

Steve and his animated friend, TV, will perform songs from his award-winning children's albums. Every song is filled with happiness and audience participation.

Your children will dance, clap, yell and even appear on television as they sing songs that promote good ethical values for children - like reading, friendship, and exercise!

This is truly one of the best family shows you will ever see!


Steve 'n TV's "Hilarious Holidays" Show

Steve Couch and his good friend, Television have great holiday-themed shows perfect for families and children aged two to ten years old!

Two shows are available: A Spooky Halloween Show, and a feastive Holiday Show celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa during the winter holiday season where TV causes trouble because he's afraid of Santa! Feauturing family favorites like "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty the Snowman"!

Available from September until New Years.


Steve 'n TV's "Teen Comedy Tour"

Steve Couch and his good friend, Television, will entertain your hard-to-please teens with hilarious humor, side-splitting original comedy songs, and 45 minutes of clean, family-friendly fun!

They’ll laugh, dance, sing and even have a chance to perform on stage in Steve‘n TV’s Gigantic Joke Telling Contest!

Also available is an hour-long “Fundamentals of Comedy” Workshop, where your future funnymen (and women) will learn the seven principals of comedy demonstrated with classic video clips. Then they will take the microphone to the stage and perform stand up comedy for themselves.

This wonderful show and workshop is guaranteed to delight and to tickle any teen's funnybone!


Steve 'n TV's "Wonderful Birthday Party" Show

Make your child's birthday extra special by having Steve 'n TV perform a show just for them and their friends!

There will be songs, cartoons, dancing singing and even a birthday coronation - all in honor of the most wonderful kid in the world - yours!